Frogtown Community House & Garden Project

The Frogtown Community House Project (FCHP) is on a mission to fight blight and improve communities through residential and spiritual reclamation.

The vision is: to purchase a foreclosed house in one of the many decaying Frogtown neighborhoods and transform it into a super-efficient “green” house (one that generates more energy than it consumes). Add in a Community Garden and you have a natural magnet for outreach, bringing hope to area residents. It is sustainable project with a holistic community approach.

John Tolo of Young Adult Koinonia (YAK) lived with his family in a Roseville apartment complex. He observed that by simply cleaning up and tending the building’s horribly neglected garden, it brought a change to the apartment residents and neighborhood (the community):

  1. residents gathered there and were friendlier,
  2. they worked together productively,
  3. the beautiful garden created a sense of pride and desirability and
  4. building occupancy went from 50% to 100%;
  5. a sense of community developed and flourished;
  6. it’s bounty nourished the people;

Communities that are thriving benefit all of us and keep giving to many.

In June of 2011 the Frogtown Project began with the purchase of an abandoned house at 537 Charles Ave W and work began. In the fall the City of Saint Paul provided a vacant lot across the street from the Community House for the Eden Garden Project that will be established Spring 2012. A second house at 522 Charles, adjacent to the Eden Community Garden, was acquired to house a single mother and her 4 children. Work has begun on that home to get it ready for this special family.

Please consider how you can be a part of the exciting launch of the Frogtown Community House Project — and bring the life and hope to this devastated neighborhood of St. Paul and beyond.

How to be involved:

  • donation of building materials and labor
  • help with planting
  • financial support
  • community outreach

For more information or to partner with us, please call John at (651) 231-6021.
Take a leap of faith with us in Frogtown!

John Tolo
(651) 231-6021

Date: 02/19/2012
Location: Twin Cities/Minnesota
Description: Sunday, Feb. 19th 2012, we are coming out in the Pioneer Press with a full article. We invite you all to take a look.
John and Jen - at the Community House

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